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News:- BDO Internationals 2017

38th BDO British International Championships 2017

38th BDO British International Championships 2017 Bradford Friday Evening Scotland had a bad day at the office as they lined up to challenge Wales and England in the 38th BDO British International Championships in Bradford. First on the stage on Friday evening were Scotland’s Girls taking on Wales and 17 year old Erin McNeill (14.05) from Fife took on 14 year old Tamzin Parr (13.78) from Wales over the best of five legs. Erin took the opening leg which was quickly levelled by Tamsin who then went 2-1 ahead.  Erin checked out on double one to level the set and then steadied her nerve to take the fifth and deciding leg for a one set lead in the match. Rebecca Graham (12.48) was up next for Scotland in a record breaking fifth consecutive British nternationals at youth level, she was to face Jessica Bonner (14.08).  Rebecca took the opening leg but Jessica answered back with three consecutive legs to take he set and to tie the match at 1-1.

England Boys took to the stage next and proceeded to defeat Wales Boys 3-1 the highlight of which was a 30.67 average from England’s Keelan Kay from Devon on his debut International.
Scotland Girls returned to the stage for the third match to take on the Auld Enemy, England and the first game on saw Erin McNeill (16.83) take on 13 year old Beau Greaves (23.86) who fired in the top average of the girl’s that evening to defeat Rebecca 3-1. Rebecca Graham 14.10) came on stage for her second outing of the evening, this time to play Shannon Reeves (19.78) and was defeated 3-0 to give England both points in a 2-0 victory.

The final match of the evening was a Ladies match between Scotland and England with Kate Smith (19.53) up first playing Jan Robbins (20.09). Jan checked out on 64 for the first leg which Kate then levelled only to see Jan take a 68 checkout for a 2-1 lead.  Kate came back on double 12 to make things all square but Jan was not to be denied and took the deciding leg to give Wales the opening set. Ayrshire’s Lorraine Hyde (17.58) was on second for Scotland but slipped behind to lose 3-1 against Wales captain Rhian Edwards (25.44) who hit a 180 in the match. On third was re-called Susanna McGimpsey (18.76) and she faced Ann Marie Potts (21.93) who took the opening leg.  Susanna equalised but then watched as Ann Marie took the next two legs for a 3-1 victory putting Wales 3-0 ahead. Playing her eleventh consecutive Internationals Frances Lawson (16.78) from Lothian took on Chris Savvery (24.64) but fell to a 3-0 defeat taking Wales to an unassailable 4-0 lead.  Savvery notched a maximum with her first three darts and followed with another later in the match. Lynn Cowan (20.97) was on fifth for Scotland and she would play Katie Bellerby (22.26).  Lynn took the opening leg but once again Wales stormed back with three consecutive legs to take the match score to 5-0. Making her debut in sixth spot for Scotland was Highland’s Olive Byamukama (19.92) playing Rhiann Griffiths (22.10) and with finishes of 47, 52 and double 4, Rhiann took the match 3-0 leaving Scotland trailing an extremely disappointing 6-0 in their opening match. Scotland’s team average was 19.06 whilst Wales answered with 22.43 which pretty much summed up the difference between the two sides.

38th BDO British International Championship 2017 – Saturday

The second day of the 38th BDO British International Championship started with Scotland Boys versus Wales Boys and first on stage for Scotland was Brandon Nicoll (21.47) from Angus who took on Jordan Thomas (19.65) from Glamorgan and with checkouts of 4, 40 and 32 won the game 3-0 to give Scotland an early lead. Next up was Ayrshire’s Aaron Douglas (22.21) on his debut weekend and he was to play Taylor Smoldon (23.12) who levelled the match for Wales with checkouts of 32, 79 and 20 winning 3-0. Scotland’s third player was Nathan Girvan (21.64) against Lewis Williams (21.88) from Glamorgan who was making his debut this weekend.  Lewis took the opening leg which was quickly equalised by Nathan.  Lewis moved ahead again with a double 12 finish only to see Nathan reply with a double 10 checkout to level the set.  In a very close deciding leg Nathan held his nerve to finish on 32 and restore Scotland’s lead in the match. The fourth and final set was between Angus player John Gallazzi (18.33) and Darren Whelton (16.26) and Gallazzi played a steady match to win 3-0 and give Scotland overall victory 3-1 against Wales. England Girls then played Wales Girls and won 2-0 with Shannon Reeves hitting a 180 and defeating Tamzin Parr 3-1 followed by Beau Greaves winning 3-0 against Jessica Bonner. Scotland Boys returned to the stage for their second match this time against England.  First on was Aaron Douglas (20.62) against Jack Vincent (22.43) from Essex who took the opening two legs with identical single 20, double 10 checkouts.  He then finished the set off 3-0 with a double five checkout to give England a 1-0 lead.
Nathan Girvan (28.46) took to the stage next against Owen Maiden (26.33) in a cracker of a match with Nathan taking the first two legs, the second with a 102 checkout before Owen hit back to win the third leg with a 100 finish.  Nathan stepped up in the fourth leg to hit a 180 and continued the good work with a 100 checkout for Scotland’s best youth performance of the weekend. The match was balanced evenly on 1-1 when Brandon Nicoll (21.10) came back for his second match of the weekend against Keelan Kay (26.05).  Keelan took the opening leg with a tops checkout before Brandon answered with the second leg.  Keelan then checked out on 98 to go 2-1 up but once again Brandon replied, this time with double fifteen.  Keelan then hit a brilliant 13 dart leg finishing on double eighteen to take the set. The final game had John Gallazzi (21.10) paired up with Jared Cole from Herts making his debut and taking the opening two legs.  John hit back with the third leg before Jared wrapped up the set and match with a double eight checkout to give England the match 3-1. The fourth match on stage was the Scotland versus England Ladies clash with Olive Bayamukama (18.17) taking up the challenge with Tricia Wright (27.33).  Tricia played very strongly to come away with a 3-0 victory which included a 99 checkout and give her the top ladies average of the weekend so far. The second set involved Lynn Cowan (19.34) on her twelfth consecutive International Championship and Fallon Sherrock (21.00).  The players shared the first four legs and Fallon came through to take the set 3-2 with both players having chances at the double. The third set had Ayrshire’s Lorraine Hyde (21.17) up against Trina Gulliver MBE (23.91) and again this match saw both players having many chances at finishing legs.  Trina hit a 180 as again the leg score went to 2-2 only for the English player to check on tops at the end of a sixteen dart game to put her country 3-0 up in the match. Kate Smith (19.13) from Tay Valley made her 30th appearance in Scottish colours next playing debutante Sarah Roberts (18.38) and this set became the third in a row to go to a deciding leg with both players having chances.  Sarah kept calm and checked out to give the England squad an unbeatable lead 4-0. The fifth set was played between Susanna McGimpsey (20.66) and Lorraine Winstanley (22.47).  The Scots player took the opening leg before Lorraine came back to level the scores at 1-1 with a 118 checkout.  Lorraine then took the remaining two legs for a 3-1 win and increased England’s match score to 5-0.
The final set of the match had Emily Davidson (22.85) making her first appearance of the weekend to take on World No.1 Deta Hedman (24.24).  Despite some spirited play from Emily and a few chances at double Deta came away the 3-0 victor and completed a 6-0 whitewash of the Scottish Ladies. Scotland’s team average had improved from the previous evening going up to 20.11 but England’s 22.13 was even better. The final match on stage on Saturday was England versus Wales men with England men running out to be winners by a margin or 12-0
Scotland Men’s team finally got to play their opening match, taking on Wales who had lost 12-0 against England on Saturday night. Cameron Menzies (29.8) was up first for Scotland against Richie Davies (27.08) from Wales.  Cammy took the opening leg and Wales the second with Cammy bouncing back with double 16 to go 2-1 up. Then Scotland magic with Cammy firing in consecutive maximums to set up a nine dart leg.  He hit the treble twenty and the treble nineteen but hit a single twelve to leave twelve.  This was duly hit for a 10 dart leg and a 3-1 lead. Cammy hit another 180 in the fifth leg and checked out double five for Scotland’s opening win. Next up was Ryan Hogarth (24.26) from Borders to play Wayne Davies (24.92) who proceeded to take the opening two legs before Ryan battled back with a 116 checkout to trail at 2-1, Wayne had a 180 in the fourth leg and finished on 46 to take the set score to 3-1.  Ryan dug deep and checkouts of 32 and 97 levelled the set but Wayne was not to be denied and took the deciding seventh leg to level the match score at 1-1. Perthshire’s Ross MacDougall (25.00) took to the stage for the first time in International colours and played Mark Layton (27.38) from Brecon who was earning his 25th cap. Ross started well taking the first leg with a double tops finish but Mark answered him with a 74 checkout to level the scores.  Ross checked 97 to lead once more but again Mark came back to draw level this time with the help of a 180. Mark went ahead in leg five and Ross levelled with a 91 checkout before going on to check 139 for the match despite another 180 for Mark. With the score at 2-1 to Scotland Scotland’s new captain Alan Soutar (27.91) took to the stage to play debut player Jeff Bass from Glamorgan. Soots checked out 121 on the bull for the first leg and then withthe help of a 180 went 2-0 ahead. Jeff hit back taking the third leg and then the fourth with a 180 and double 16 finish.  Soots took leg five and then finished the match in style with a 180 and a double 18 finish. The fifth set saw the return of Jim McGuigan (22.86) who first played for Scotland in 1982 to play Mitchell Butler (26.31).  In a scrappy game Jim took the first leg, Mitchell the second, Jim the third and then Mitchell took three in a row for the set. The sixth set saw Craig Quinn (25.03) hit a 180 in the opening leg against Mike Gillet (28.04) from Hampshire and then go on to win the leg and then go 2-0 up with a double four checkout. Mike came back with a 180 in his first throw of leg three and took the leg and followed with the next three, including a 171 score, to win the set. Colin Miller (25.87) from Fife made his Scotland debut next playing Gareth Holt (24.40).  Colin took the first leg with Wales winning he second before Gareth checked 82 on the bull to lead 2-1. Colin levelled at 2-2 only to see Gareth once more take the lead at 3-2.  A maximum in the sixth leg helped Colin take the score to 3-3.  The seventh and deciding leg gave both payers chance but Colin stepped up to check on tops for the win. Montgomery & Radnors Steve Ritchie (25.79) was Scotland’s next player and he took on Chris Harris (25.70).  Steve took the opening leg and Chris levelled at 1-1 before checkouts of 97, 45 and 78 gave Steve the set and took Scotland to 6-2 ensuring at least a point. Scotland’s ninth player was Ayrshire’s Steve Robertson (29.71) against Jim Williams (27.90) with Steve taking the first three legs including a 78 checkout and a 180 in the third.  Jim hit back to win legs four and five before Steve ensured the point with a double top finish in leg six. Central’s Steve Plank (27.02) was up next and he played Martin Phillips (27.50) playing his 144th match for Wales.  Martin took the opening leg before Steve fired back with four
in a row with finishes of 76, 38, 103 and 24. Euan Callander (29.34) was recalled to the Scotland squad and was playing debut Wales player Lester Thompson (28.11).  Euan took the first leg despite a 180 from Lester but the Welsh player then hit three in a row including a 180, a 174 and checkouts of 120 and 118, despite a 174 from Euan. With the help of a 180 and an 88 checkout Euan took the last three legs to win the set 4-3 and advance the match score to 9-2 in Scotland’s favour. The final player for Scotland was Greater Glasgow’s Ross Montgomery (28.01) who took the first leg against Nick Kenny (27.27) with a 105 checkout.  He followed this with the second which include a 180 before Nick took four in a row to win the set 4-2.  Ross and Nick had a 180 each in the closing stages and the final score was Scotland 9, Wales 3. Scotland’s team average was 26.54 and Wales had 26.84.

The final match of the Championships between Scotland and England would decide who the men’s champions would be for 2017. First on for Scotland was Steve Robertson (24.63) who checked out on 76 to take the lead. Martin Atkins (25.22) took the second leg with a double 19 and the third with double 16. Steve took the next two legs to lead 3-2 but despite a 180 lost the sixth leg to take the set to a decider. Both players had chances but Steve put Scotland 1-0 up in the match with double ten. Scotland’s next player was making his first appearance for Scotland and Highland’s Martin Murison (26.02) faced Yorkshire’s Brian Dawson (27.09) who took the first two legs despite a 180 from Martin. Martin took the third leg only for Dawson to take leg four. Martin took leg five but Brian checked on double 16 in the sixth leg to take the set 4-2. Steve Ritchie (26.71) was up next and he took on Yorkshire player David Copley (26.60)who’s first three darts were a maximum and who went on to take the first leg. Steve answered with a 180 to help take leg two and level the set. David took the third leg and Steve the fourth and then Steve checked 74 on the bull for leg five to lead 3-2. David took the sixth leg with a 78 finish before taking the deciding leg with a 107 finish after Steve had missed tops at the end of a 135 attempt. Scotland’s fourth player was Cameron Menzies (26.90) from Ayrshire and he started well taking the opening two legs before Tony O’Shea (26.37) found his range to answer by taking leg three. In leg four both Cammy and Tony hit a 180 before Tony hit double 20 to level the set. Cammy took leg five on double seven to move ahead. In the sixth leg Cammy hit a 180 and seemed in control but Tony also hit a maximum to leave 24 which he checked on his next throw. The deciding leg went to Tony on double seven. Set five had Border’s Ryan Hogarth (29.44) against Mark McGeeney (30.59) and with the help of a maximum in each leg Ryan went 2-0 ahead. However Mark came back to take the next four legs with checks of 16, 2, 68 and 32 along with a 180. Craig Quinn (28.42) from East Stirlingshire was up next and he took the opening leg on double ten. Dennis Harbour (29.35) replied with a 96 finish in leg two before Craig re-established his lead with a 97 checkout. Dennis had a 180 in leg four and went on to take the leg with a double five finish but Craig took out 61 on double eighteen to go 3-2 ahead. Dennis levelled the set with double 5 before going on to win, checking out the seventh leg on tops. Scotland’s seventh player was Ross Montgomery (32.20) gaining his 48th cap to play Tyne & Wear’s Ryan Joyce (30.39) playing for the second time for England. Ryan took the first leg with an 86 checkout and Ross answered immediately with a 180 and a 70 checkout in leg two. Ross took the third leg on double nine despite pressure from Ryan with a 180 and went on to take the fourth leg with “shanghai” on twenties. Ryan pulled the score back to 2-3 taking the fifth leg with a 180 and an 82 checkout before Ross settled the set with a 61 checkout taking Scotland’s score to 5-2 behind. Debut weekend player Ross MacFarlane (22.87) from Perthshire was up next winning his second cap to face Martin Adams (28.23) from Cambridgeshire gaining his 99th cap. Martin went on to take the set 4-0 with checkouts of 32, 60, 20 and 32 to give England at least a draw in the match, leading 6-2. Playing for Scotland in set nine was Fife’s Colin Miller (28.67) on his debut weekend and making a second appearance in the royal blue and he was up against Jamie Hughes (35.29) who started the first leg with a 180 and finished it with a 144 checkout. Jamie went on to take the second leg with double 12 before Colin got in on the act with a 62 finish to take the third leg. Colin started the fourth leg with a 180 and went on to win it with a double four checkout. The fifth leg went to Jamie with a 95 checkout and he completed the job in leg six with a 180 and a 55 finish on tops to give England the men’s championship. The score was now 7-2 to England and next to the stage was Euan Callander (27.83) from Angus to play Gloucestershire’s James Hurrell (29.27). Euan took the opening leg on double ten but James levelled the score with a 52 finish in leg two. In the third leg James hit a 180 and went on to finish it on double one but Euan quickly countered with his own 180 in leg four and a double ten checkout to level the set. James finished the fifth leg exhibition style taking out 96 with a single twenty, double 18 and a double 20 and went on to win the set with a 98 checkout in leg six. Scotland’s tenth player was their new captain Alan Soutar (28.82) playing in his seventh British Internationals but first as captain and he would face Paul Hogan (34.29). Alan took the first leg with double 11 but Paul levelled the match with a 58 checkout and the help of a 180. The third leg went to Paul with a double top finish and he added to this with a 64 finish in the fourth leg. Then came a moment of sporting excellence as Paul Hogan wrapped up the leg and set with a blistering nine dart finish. His route was 180, 180, T20, T15 and D18. The final game of the day and indeed the Championship involved Central’s Steve Plank (23.21) and the captain of England and former World champion Scott Mitchell (27.83). Scott took the first three legs with double 16, double 16 and double 8 and then finished the set off with double 16 after hitting a 180. At the end of a brilliant weekend the titles went as follows: Boys Champions – England, Girls Champions – England, Ladies Champions – Wales and Mens Champions – England.